Commercial/Public Spaces

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Nora’s Original Perspex Wall Art in OFFICES – HOTELS – HOSPITALS – Designer Homes

Nora has been commissioned over the past few years by a number of Hospitals, Offices, Hotels and private owners who have been more than pleased with the amazing results.

If you want to order any perspex wall art according your to your own requirements then contact Nora

These Perspex Wall hangings have set off my room like no other artwork could.  The contemporary look does not detract from the spiritual and moving images – they have become the talking point of my home.  It is so lovely to have original art that is affordable, I will definitely look to buy more pieces in the future.I was emailed and given a specific time for the delivery of the artwork which was accurate.  The paintings were well packed and arrived in perfect condition.  I would not hesitating in recommending Nora Doherty for both her artwork and the professional customer experience.  Thank you so much!…’ Lindley Horner 2016


Email Nora to discuss your requirements

  • Stunning Perspex Art

    stunning PERSPEX ART in whatever size or colour you need

  • Original Perspex Art

    original PERSPEX ART that is affordable, great value and will last for years

  • Lightweight Perspex Art

    PERSPEX ART that is lightweight, hard wearing, hygienic and easy to clean

  • Almost Indestructible Perspex Art

    PERSPEX ART that is almost indestructible!

  • Unique Perspex Art

    PERSPEX ART that is unique, created personally by the UK Artist Nora Doherty and cannot be found anywhere else

Nora is ahead of her time…pioneering the latest frontier in contemporary art for public spaces…

‘I contacted Nora because we had completed our office refurbishment and we wanted some art- something different in our offices and meeting rooms…what Nora gave us went beyond our expectations and it was worth every penny’

‘Building a new hospital was a huge task…so purchasing the art for all the spaces was the enjoyable bit…’Nora’s Perspex Art’ was just what we were looking for..healing colourful images, easy to install, long lasting and surprisingly low cost.’

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