Nora Doherty Artist

When I moved to live by the sea in Teignmouth, I fell in love with the big expanse of sea and horizon in front of me every day and through quite remarkable meetings and meditations, I felt showered with colour and creativity in many forms. It was then that I began to paint for the very first time…

I have spent the last ten years painting with oils nonstop in my art studio overlooking the sea…creating seascapes and abstract oil paintings, pushing the boundaries and experimenting all the time. I was obsessed with colour and the flow of colour..and the spirals and forms which naturally emerged out of this….I realised my paintings were painting themselves..creativity channelled directly into the flow of the oils..into amazing paintings.

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More recent adventures in taking photographs and then fusing them into images of my original paintings- resulted in highly unusual, remarkable new and unique images that take my breathe away. These are the images I am offering to you on this web site…on Perspex

NORA’S PERSPEX ART – original art images printed directly onto modern, clear Perspex is a perfect way to let these new art images find their place in the world…a new concept in the art world and boldy spanning the space between art and modern design.

enhancing the vibrancy of colour – creating multi-dimensional layers – floating on the wall – stunning modern art at an affordable price – light, spacious and modern – ‘unbreakable art with heart’

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Nora is self-taught and through hard work and determination, has learnt to use the flow and purity of the colour of oils to transform space and landscape into highly expressive imagery.

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This artist has received the highest accolade ArtGallery can bestow – they are considered a superb artist both through feedback from customers and from ArtGallery’s own relationship with the artist. Our customers are delighted with this artist’s work and their ability to deliver on time. ArtGallery has had many positive experiences with this artist and is delighted to recommend them very highly.

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‘Nora is a UK Artist to watch..her paintings are hugely popular and increase in value year by year…as does her creative journey into Perspex Art…bringing art to an edge..’

‘Nora’s oil paintings are bold, colourful and totally unique. Her courageous experimentation has paid off…resulting in very unusual abstract and semi abstract forms…contemporary art at its best..’

‘These paintings are pure elemental sensuality…paintings that flow with deep colour and naturally spiral into unexpected ‘chance’ forms…almost cosmic in nature…inner and outer…landscapes within landscapes…’